“Use Me” by Bill Withers

Image result for bill withers
Bill Withers, courtesy of Spotify

I just love Bill Withers. Of all the soul singers of the 70s, he may be my favorite. “Use Me” is one of his hits, and it’s easy to see why.

The sultry keyboard slinks across the track’s melody, bringing to life the no-love, love affair that Withers finds himself in with a girl who is using him for physical reasons. Withers’ butter-smooth voice effortlessly rides underneath the mix. He maintains restraint, while also sounding powerful, in a typical vocal performance that lets him shine.

You can listen to “Use Me” on Spotify and YouTube (a killer live version, complete with acoustic guitar, even more powerful vocals, and that same sassy keyboard).

Tell me what you love about the song–or which Bill Withers song you prefer.


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