Song Review: “Stupid Love” By Lady Gaga

Close up of Lady Gaga's face with the letters "LG" in a pinkish-red hue superimposed on her face

It took me about 43 seconds to add Lady Gaga’s new song to my Pop Vibes playlist. It attached itself inside my brain, like some kind of infection. But I’ll gladly skip the antidote, because this is everything I want from pop music. It gives me “Perfect Illusion” + “Born This Way” vibes, mixed into an 80-inspired, synth-heavy melody (of which the latter song already dipped into quite a bit).

Highlights: The delicious beat, the pre-chorus

Lowlights: It’s too short, but that probably lends itself to more replayability and a desire to hear it over and over.

The year is young, but this would be a serious contender for my song of the year.

“Stupid Love” Lady Gaga Lyric Video

“Stupid Love” Lady Gaga Spotify Track


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