Music Morphine is a place for me to share my music opinions in a non-expert fashion. I will constantly wonder if I should figure out how to move this series to YouTube where it can be better appreciated by today’s attention spans and need for audio and visuals. Instead, I’m of the belief that one or two people out there won’t mind reading about a format enjoyed entirely through their ears. Even better, perhaps I’ll get better at writing about it.

I don’t claim to have any formal training or advanced knowledge of music theory. I have no music-related credentials. I can’t play any instruments, nor do I know all the right terminology (though I am learning here and there). I’m an opinionated person and passionate about what I choose to write about. I get paid nothing from this blog and have no expectations. So what did I do? Dumped money into 2 domains (this one and queendopamine.com) and decided to revamp it to Music Morphine!

The goal I always want to achieve when I sit down to write about something: is this something I want to inject into my veins? Does this get me super hyped in a way that most music cannot? Because that’s where this stuff is like a drug to me. If you need music to live, if it can take you places you can’t go alone, then you just might be in the right place.

As for me, the author, I’m someone who has always written as a major hobby and loved to share unsolicited opinions as almost a big of a hobby. I want to do this for the love of the craft, for the pursuit of always getting better, and for having a wonderful space to create something I love.

music morphine