Songs I Can’t Stop Playing -#1

Introducing a new segment! I hated my previous idea of just sharing a post about specific songs because it felt like a never-ending task for very little payoff. Besides, how much can you talk about one song on a written format? It was too much work for too little reward. But a list of myContinue reading “Songs I Can’t Stop Playing -#1”

Song Review: “Anyone” Justin Bieber

2020 should have been Justin Bieber’s year. He released so much music, whether it was his own singles, an entire album, or a feature. But he’s not Drake. He can’t just obtain good-faith clout by slapping his name on something mediocre. While he had success commercially on singles with Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, and ChanceContinue reading “Song Review: “Anyone” Justin Bieber”

“My Favourite Game” – The Cardigans

Despite being a 90s kid and a fan of music from that era, The Cardigans somehow flew completely under my radar. Besides that one hit that I thought was a No Doubt song until I was well into my 20s, I couldn’t have told you who they were. That’s probably because they were Swedish andContinue reading ““My Favourite Game” – The Cardigans”

Song Review: “I Love Me” by Demi Lovato

I love Demi. She’s outspoken about her struggles with addiction and body image. She’s honest and real, seeming down-to-earth despite how long she’s already been in the spotlight at 27. She wants to make other people feel good about themselves and know that they’re worth it, that they can do it. That’s the theme inContinue reading “Song Review: “I Love Me” by Demi Lovato”

Song Review: “Stupid Love” By Lady Gaga

It took me about 43 seconds to add Lady Gaga’s new song to my Pop Vibes playlist. It attached itself inside my brain, like some kind of infection. But I’ll gladly skip the antidote, because this is everything I want from pop music. It gives me “Perfect Illusion” + “Born This Way” vibes, mixed intoContinue reading “Song Review: “Stupid Love” By Lady Gaga”

“Use Me” by Bill Withers

I just love Bill Withers. Of all the soul singers of the 70s, he may be my favorite. “Use Me” is one of his hits, and it’s easy to see why. The sultry keyboard slinks across the track’s melody, bringing to life the no-love, love affair that Withers finds himself in with a girl whoContinue reading ““Use Me” by Bill Withers”

“Youngblood” by 5 Seconds of Summer

I had no idea who this artist was, until “Youngblood” popped up on a Spotify playlist for me. I was instantly struck by the melancholy tone contrasted by the insanely infectuous pop hooks, tasty bassline, and snappy snare. Like a lot of great pop songs, it sings about a sad topic, but with a beatContinue reading ““Youngblood” by 5 Seconds of Summer”

“Every Kinda People” by Robert Palmer

You know him as the guy who sang “Addicted to Love”, aka “the guy whose singing voice doesn’t match his face”. He also did this song. It’s called “Every Kinda People” and it’s a feel-good, “make the world go ’round” song about the different kinds of people in the world and how great that is.Continue reading ““Every Kinda People” by Robert Palmer”

“Still” by the Commodores

Spotify Song Link YouTube Song Link I heard this song when I was getting my car serviced a few weeks ago. I couldn’t hear exactly what it was. The way it sounded in the large waiting room, reverberating off the walls and floor, it was dreamy and slightly haunting. It was playing in the salesContinue reading ““Still” by the Commodores”

“Some Kind of Wonderful” – Grand Funk Railroad

Grand Funk Railroad is one of those bands that I know, as a child of the 90s, from such hits as “The Loco-Motion” and “We’re An American Band”. I actually did not know until recently that they sing one of my favorite 70s tunes, “Some Kind of Wonderful”. This song seems to always put meContinue reading ““Some Kind of Wonderful” – Grand Funk Railroad”

“Danger Zone” – Kenny Loggins

This is how I’m getting pumped up for work. I don’t work in anything even remotely related to aviation, but as a retail worker, I feel it at least partially applies to me. This song has been featured prominently in so many movies, ads, and video games–I wonder if the song is just super cheap orContinue reading ““Danger Zone” – Kenny Loggins”

Big Bad Wolf – The Heavy

I can’t get enough of this song. It’s gritty rock and roll at its finest. This band channels old school soul and classic rock, then blends it to sound like some retro garage rock band, ala The Black Keys or The Strokes, but more emphasis on the soul and the rock. The horns add a layerContinue reading “Big Bad Wolf – The Heavy”

“Mother” – Danzig

I’ve heard this song somewhere, someplace. You have, too, whether you know the band or not. I, however, did not know the band, and when the song came on my Pandora, I was CONVINCED it was The Doors trying to sound like Billy Idol. Except…Billy Idol wasn’t invented yet, so?? Like, I would have bet moneyContinue reading ““Mother” – Danzig”

“Silvergun Superman” – Stone Temple Pilots

I don’t want to say that I’ve ever written off STP as a second-rate, post-grunge, Nirvana re-hashing wannabe. BUT, I have found their music to be pretty redundant in the grunge scene. However, this song popped up on my Pandora, and not even my Soundgarden radio station (which has really opened my eyes up toContinue reading ““Silvergun Superman” – Stone Temple Pilots”

“I Feel Like Dynamite” – King Floyd

Another feel good song that pumps me up and makes me happy, this gem of a funky soul tune came to me by way of Pandora. I read online that this song has actually been featured in a few movies, so my great feeling of discovering some obscure 70s tune is slightly dampened. But whenContinue reading ““I Feel Like Dynamite” – King Floyd”

My Go-To Song Going into Work Lately

Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough“. It’s the perfect way for me to get pumped up. Impossible to be in a bad mood when the King of Pop is grooving and moving in your ear drum area for 6 sweet minutes. I love Michael Jackson, something which will undoubtedly resurface on this blogContinue reading “My Go-To Song Going into Work Lately”

“Brown Sugar” ZZ Top

I had never heard this song until my good friend Pandora came along. While I like many of ZZ Top’s songs, I never listened to this album in its entirety (and if I did, I’ve forgotten it by now). This song is a gem. True blues if I’ve ever heard it. ZZ Top’s brand isContinue reading ““Brown Sugar” ZZ Top”

“House of the Rising Sun” White Buffalo

One of my favorite covers, I heard this song in Sons of Anarchy. I was blown away by the powerful rendition of the Animals’ classic 60s tune. The vocals are gritty and haunting, the music is eerie and folky, but edgy as well, and the stripped-down style still lends itself to the original’s basic arrangement.Continue reading ““House of the Rising Sun” White Buffalo”