“Silvergun Superman” – Stone Temple Pilots

I don’t want to say that I’ve ever written off STP as a second-rate, post-grunge, Nirvana re-hashing wannabe. BUT, I have found their music to be pretty redundant in the grunge scene. However, this song popped up on my Pandora, and not even my Soundgarden radio station (which has really opened my eyes up to how good STP actually was). It got me to pay attention.

I’m not a musician, so bear with me on these non-technical terms: “Silvergun Superman” has that wah-wah guitar that sounds like it’s being fed through a garbage disposal on top of already being a distorted. And it’s still catchy and melodic, while being a dirty, dirty grunge song. Plus there’s a bit of soloing and riffing toward the end, which I’m a big fan of (not done enough in the grunge scene because most of them can’t play guitar worth a shit anyway).

For anyone who’s reeling about the opening line and what I said about STP, I have slightly recanted on that. They have many great, original songs that are worthy of recognition and glory, at that. But I could make a separate post about said songs, I suppose.

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