“Mother” – Danzig

I’ve heard this song somewhere, someplace. You have, too, whether you know the band or not. I, however, did not know the band, and when the song came on my Pandora, I was CONVINCED it was The Doors trying to sound like Billy Idol. Except…Billy Idol wasn’t invented yet, so?? Like, I would have bet money on it though, the dude sounds like a Discount Jim Morrison. So convinced was I that I looked up the song, certain to find that this was actually a cover. It’s not.

So, what am I here to say about it other than it’s a fantastic 80s song? Well, it came out in 1988, for one, which is an awesome year because I was born that year. Second, Rick Rubin was the producer, which kind of surprised me. Third, check out the solo! Song is kicked into another gear by having that sweet solo. I like it anyway for the vocals (JIM MORRISON INFLUENCE AND ALL), but the guitar makes it better.

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