“My Favourite Game” – The Cardigans

Picture of the 90s band The Cardigans

Despite being a 90s kid and a fan of music from that era, The Cardigans somehow flew completely under my radar. Besides that one hit that I thought was a No Doubt song until I was well into my 20s, I couldn’t have told you who they were. That’s probably because they were Swedish and didn’t make much of a splash on the US charts.

Before hearing “My Favourite Game” pop up on a playlist, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what it was called. But there’s something so familiar about it. I went searching online for where else I might have heard that hook, maybe sampled somewhere. But I couldn’t find any evidence. The lyrics don’t conjure up any memories, but the riff is infectious and lights up the nostalgic part of my brain.

It doesn’t matter where it’s from though because this is another 90s pop-rock treasure. The melody is catchy; the vocalist, Nina Persson, has a nondescript singing voice that works as a perfect vehicle for the song; the vibe is sort of whimsical and happy.

I honestly don’t care what the song is about, and I won’t bother with the lyrics. The song is a perfect way to encapsulate songs from the 90s. This wasn’t a “serious” rock song. It wasn’t trying to say something with the lyrics, like some from other genres. It was just a fun pop song.

We have those today. We’ve always had them, really. There’s nothing remarkable or incredibly special about this song. But it’s nostalgic, and that’s enough to bring it to your attention so that we don’t forget The Cardigans’ other contribution to our musical history.

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