“Some Kind of Wonderful” – Grand Funk Railroad

Grand Funk Railroad is one of those bands that I know, as a child of the 90s, from such hits as “The Loco-Motion” and “We’re An American Band”. I actually did not know until recently that they sing one of my favorite 70s tunes, “Some Kind of Wonderful”. This song seems to always put meContinue reading ““Some Kind of Wonderful” – Grand Funk Railroad”

The Greatness of Led Zeppelin I

Critics and fans alike hail the depth, maturity, and complexity of Led Zeppelin as their albums progressed, especially III and IV. While I wouldn’t call the band’s self-titled debut underrated, it often gets overlooked or downplayed because of the covers and “one-dimensional” composition of being a straight blues-rock album. Let’s talk about why it’s so greatContinue reading “The Greatness of Led Zeppelin I”

17 Covers That Are Better Than the Original

Covers are often unnecessary and, frankly, not good. In general, I tend to dislike cover songs unless 1) the original song had potential, but was not great (easiest type of cover, especially if you suck, or just want to do a straight-forward cover), 2) the covering artist has something to offer that’s new and differentContinue reading “17 Covers That Are Better Than the Original”

Big Bad Wolf – The Heavy

I can’t get enough of this song. It’s gritty rock and roll at its finest. This band channels old school soul and classic rock, then blends it to sound like some retro garage rock band, ala The Black Keys or The Strokes, but more emphasis on the soul and the rock. The horns add a layerContinue reading “Big Bad Wolf – The Heavy”

“Mother” – Danzig

I’ve heard this song somewhere, someplace. You have, too, whether you know the band or not. I, however, did not know the band, and when the song came on my Pandora, I was CONVINCED it was The Doors trying to sound like Billy Idol. Except…Billy Idol wasn’t invented yet, so?? Like, I would have bet moneyContinue reading ““Mother” – Danzig”

“House of the Rising Sun” White Buffalo

One of my favorite covers, I heard this song in Sons of Anarchy. I was blown away by the powerful rendition of the Animals’ classic 60s tune. The vocals are gritty and haunting, the music is eerie and folky, but edgy as well, and the stripped-down style still lends itself to the original’s basic arrangement.Continue reading ““House of the Rising Sun” White Buffalo”