Album Review: “Obviously” by Lake Street Dive (with Track Rankings…Obviously)

I mentioned this band in my 2020 anthems post about the songs that summed up my 2020. I had already discovered their song “Making Do” late in the year and thought it would be a contender for 2021 anthems. Since then, I heard Lake Street Dive’s latest single “Hypothetical” and fell in love with theContinue reading “Album Review: “Obviously” by Lake Street Dive (with Track Rankings…Obviously)”

Album Review: The Raconteurs – Help Us Stranger (Plus Track Rankings)

Album reviews are for “new-to-me” albums that I’m experiencing and digesting for the first time. For eleven years, the Raconteurs were absent from musical relevance. While their official hiatus wasn’t announced until 2011, their last album, Consolers of the Lonely, was released in 2008 and saw them slowly fade from the limelight. They spent a goodContinue reading “Album Review: The Raconteurs – Help Us Stranger (Plus Track Rankings)”

Track Rankings: Foo Fighters “Concrete & Gold”

The Foo Fighters’ 2017 Concrete & Gold was hit or miss for me. While it had a lot of strong tracks, many of them were forgettable. It was certainly better than its predecessor, Sonic Highways, but nowhere near as good as 2011’s Wasting Light (and my personal favorite Foo Fighters album). That’s a high bar,Continue reading “Track Rankings: Foo Fighters “Concrete & Gold””