Songs I Can’t Stop Playing -#1

Introducing a new segment! I hated my previous idea of just sharing a post about specific songs because it felt like a never-ending task for very little payoff. Besides, how much can you talk about one song on a written format? It was too much work for too little reward. But a list of my most played songs in a given week? That’s more doable and makes more sense.

What makes the most sense of all is moving to YouTube, but I have neither the time, energy, or knowledge for that right now, so you’ll have to continue using your reading skills.

I don’t know what the parameters will be going forward. I’m sure this segment will evolve, like everything on this site has. For now, I’m going to highlight my most-played songs of the past two weeks

Songs I Can’t Stop Playing, First Edition:

5. All of Prince’s PLECTRUMELECTRUM. For obvious reasons.

4. Shiver by Ed Sheeran. Great pop tune that is nowhere near new anymore, but I don’t care. My favorite thing is how Sheeran layers his vocal melodies with the music to create a unique rhythm.

3. Over Now by Calvin Harris and The Weeknd. This song never fails to excite me, get stuck in my head, and wrap me in its warm cocoon of creamy basslines and hypnotic vocals from my guy Abel.

2. Surface Pressure – from Encanto. A bit more annoying than the other famous song from this soundtrack (whoooaaaa-ohh, oh oh oh oh), I still enjoy the music and lyrics quite a bit. I always get chills at “Underneath the surface, I’m pretty sure I’m worthless if I can’t be of service.” Not that I can relate or anything.

1. We Don’t Talk about Bruno – from Encanto. Yeah, that’s right, two songs from a movie I have only seen part of and have no idea what it’s actually about. If you haven’t heard the song, it’s the “Let It Go” of 2022, a massive Disney soundtrack bop. Mixing Latino fare with rap, it’s devastatingly catchy, yet never annoying. Annnnnd now it’s in my head for the rest of the day.

Queen Dopamine white text on pink background with gold crown accent
Queen Dopamine – Made in Canva by me


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