“Can’t Stop the Bleeding” – Tom Morello, Gary Clark Jr, Gramatik

Gary Clark Jr, playing guitar, alongside Tom Morello, who also is playing guitar on stage

Why aren’t you listening to this song right now? It’s awesome.

Oh, did you want more than that to go on? Okay. Well, it’s on my “Hyped Up/Workout Motivation” playlist on Spotify because it’s good for both getting you psyched up to work out or to just punch the air wildly in your kitchen, while you yell, “Fuck yeah”. It’s impossible to listen to this song and not headbang, even just a tiny little bit.

How do I describe this song? Let’s see… if you know Tom Morello, you know he can make a guitar sound like it’s not a guitar. However, it’s hard to tell what his influence is in that sphere exactly, when Gramatik is there doing Gramatik things. Which, according to his website I just linked, is being a music producer and DJ of electronic music.

If you know Gary Clark Jr, you know he’s a modern blues and rock guitarist who dabbles in a little soul and pop, too. He does a little bit of everything, but my favorites of his are the blues-iest or rock-iest. This one relies heavily on his rock prowess, both on guitar and on vocals. Don’t think I didn’t notice how they tried to sneak in some little blues licks in there in between bars. I’m no fool. Well, I am, but my ears still work.

If you know this blog, you know that I’m not one for being musically educated or knowing actual terms for things. I just know this song = good. It mixes rock and roll with electronica. As a fan of both, I thought it was well-mixed. Sometimes crossover genres like this try to do too much. This is a proper approach, with the guitars and vocals being very forefront in the mix. The EDM aspect is very understated until the bridge, adding mostly just a percussive element. The bridge brings in some dubstep hallmarks, which may be offputting to some.

Like I said though, I’m either working out when I listen to this, or I’m vibing in my kitchen or jamming along to it in the car. Dubstep don’t bother me none.

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