“Still” by the Commodores

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The Commodores, courtesy of Classic Motown

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I heard this song when I was getting my car serviced a few weeks ago. I couldn’t hear exactly what it was. The way it sounded in the large waiting room, reverberating off the walls and floor, it was dreamy and slightly haunting. It was playing in the sales area of the dealership, while I was at the other end. I tried to listen intently to what it was. Finally I made out the lyric “Somehow I know deep in my heart, you needed me” and searched it on Google. Bam, “Still” by The Commodores.

The vocal melody by Lionel Ritchie combined with the swelling symphony makes for a soothing lullaby of a love song. Some might call it cheesy or overly sappy. They’re probably right, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good or enjoyable.

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